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Tarot and Alchemy – A Profound Journey of Inner Exploration 10 classes - every second saturday -  Book here

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About Me: 

A Biography of Yvonne De Bruin

Yvonne has studied Psychology to honours level. She is a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner & has a Masters in both Erickson Hypnosis and NLP and Health. She has completed courses in trauma and bereavement counselling as well as a number of personal empowerment and divinatory workshops. Yvonne has studied and practiced Reiki, Belvaspata Healing, Access Bars and Transformational Healing Massage. She has combined her years of experience with the knowledge that she has built up through study and research and now offers spiritual counselling and coaching by email or on a one on one basis to those who need personal guidance. She is also the founder of the website www.spiritualworld.co.za which has successfully been running for the past 20 years and has provided information to those who want to learn about complementary health and healing.



Services Offered:

Tarot,  Numerology and Angel Readings

Counselling & Coaching

Healing - Reiki, Belvasapata, Access Bars, Colour Healing, Pendulum Healing


Sacred Rose Healing Sprays

Currently in stock:

1. Connecting with the Angels

2. For meditation and connecting with Spirit Guides

3. Calm, Peace, Tranquility and Protection

4. Love and Healing of Emotions