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There are seven main energy centres (chakras) of the body which resonate with the seven rainbow colours. Anyone who is familiar with Acupuncture will realise that there are, however, a large number of minor chakras throughout the body totalling something in excess of 300.  Chakras are like spirals of energy, each one relating to the others. Chakra (pronounced 

sha-kra) is the Sanskrit word for ' wheel '. If you can imagine the main chakras / energy centres as a set of cogs/wheels, they are rather like the workings of a clock or an engine; each cog /wheel needs to move smoothly and at a similar speed for the clock / engine to work properly.  Thus good health and wellbeing is achieved by a balance of all these energies (or the smooth running of the cogs/wheels).

During this 8 week online workshop we will go on an in-depth journey of the first 7 Chakras and how to use them as an inner guidance system. Week 8 includes feedback and how each of the chakras work in harmony with each other.

What you will learn:

  • The Anatomy of each chakra, which part of the body it relates to and the emotional and spiritual issues surrounding it.
  • Gifts and challenges of each chakra, how it connects to the physical body and tools to heal any imbalances that you have.
  • The developmental ages of the chakras and how they impact on us at the various stages in life.
  • How to check the chakras with muscle testing, the pendulum and dowsing rods and using the sense of intuition through your hands.
  • Balancing and clearing the chakras – various methods
  • Chakra balancing meditation 

What to expect during the 8 week journey:

  • A weekly talk on Tuesdays from 11am to 12pm South Africa time which includes an in depth look at the chakra in question, meditation and psychic reading for the week. You can watch later if you don’t make that time!
  • Exercises and recipes to balance the chakras. I will post delicious recipes each week that you can prepare for balancing each chakra as well as give you an exercise to do that will bring harmonic resonance within that chakra.
  • Crystals, aromatherapy oils, colour and the Angels that relate to each chakra and how to use them in balancing and energising the chakras
  • Daily inspirational messages
  • Discovering the gift  and lesson that each chakra brings


A full set of notes will be provided for this course.

Long term benefits of healing and working with your Chakras

  • Greater sense of calm and tranquillity
  • Changes in lifestyle including releasing  unhealthy habits and weight loss
  • Living with awareness and the knowledge that you are creating your during each and every moment of the day
  • Letting go of the past and clearing archaic family history and beliefs
  • Understanding the power of manifestation
  • A strong sense of purpose
  • An awareness of self – includes self-love, self-belief and self-love
  • The power of love and opening up the heart to compassion and joy. Finding the gifts from pain and heartache.
  • Improving relationships
  • Attracting more abundance and success into your life


Method of presentation:

This course will be held online. I will add you to the group on Facebook called 8 week chakra blast. All information and talks will be offered on the group. You will be added to the group once you have confirmed your seat.


Dates: From 2 August to 27 September 2021

Cost : R450 for your journey

Contact: Yvonne on 083 258 4497 or Email yvonne@spiritualworld.co.za

Banking details: 

First National Bank

Branch - Cresta

Branch Code 254905,

Account Number:  51440044603 

Account Name:  Yvonne de Bruin, account type Cheque. 

Note:  Please use your name as reference.

- A Brief Biography of Yvonne De Bruin

Yvonne has studied Psychology to honours level. She is a qualified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner & has a Masters in both Erickson Hypnosis, NLP and Health. She has completed courses in trauma and bereavement counselling as well as a number of personal empowerment and divinatory workshops. Yvonne has studied and practiced Reiki, Belvaspata Healing, Access Bars and Transformational Healing Massage. She has combined her years of experience with the knowledge that she has built up through study and research and now offers spiritual counselling and coaching by email or on a one on one basis to those who need personal guidance. She is also the founder of the website www.spiritualworld.co.za which has successfully been running for the past 20 years and has provided information to those who want to learn about complementary health and healing