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Creating your own Magic with Candles

Candles are one of the tools that Wiccans use for casting spells. The size of the candle and the duration that it burns is not important.  However, one must use the correct colour, as each colour links with a certain type of energy.

Your ceremony should be carried out in a place where your candle can be burned safely, away from furniture and curtains.  Do not leave your candle unattended and always remember to blow it out when finished.   It is wise to place your candle on an old plate or holder and keep some water nearby.   Candle magic works best when the moon is full.  You can also burn a stick of incense at the same time, to enhance the energy around you. If you want to strengthen your spell, you can carve your wish onto the candle from top to bottom in a clockwise spiral. 
Caution: Do not use the ceremony or spell to interfere with the free will of another. The rebound effect can be very dramatic. 
The Ritual:
Start the ritual by asking for blessings and guidance from God/Divine/Universe. Rub the bottom of the candle with three drops of the corresponding aromatherapy oil mentioned below.  Light your candle and repeat the following chant three times:

Sacred Candle, sacred flame, bring the magic that I name.  

Once your candle is burning, repeat the spell that goes with it’s corresponding colour for 5 minutes. When the ritual is complete, say a few words of thanksgiving before extinguishing the flame. 
The Spells:
Yellow is for Happiness and Success 
The spell is:  Happiness and success come to me.  I deserve your abundance. 
The aromatherapy oil is: Apple or Geranium

Green is for Love, Compassion, Health and to ease Heartache
The spell is: Good Health and love that nurtures, come to me and all that surrounds me.
The aromatherapy oil is: Lavender

Pink is for Romance and Love
The spell is: Power of loving relationship come to me.  Heal any heartache from the past, and guide my choices in the present and the future.
The aromatherapy oil is: Rose or Jasmine

Silver is for Intuition and Dreams
The spell is : Dreams and intuitions come to me, and bless me with inner wisdom and self -understanding. 
The aromatherapy oil is : Jasmine or Cinnamon