Take the fight out of your flight – How do you know you have Adrenal Fatigue?

You’re feeling tired all the time, struggle to sleep at night and the weight is just piling on. It’s a mission to get out of bed in the morning and when you do, there would be nothing better than to get back into bed, throw the duvet over your head and hide from the world.

The warning signs of adrenal fatigue include:

·        Insomnia

·        Fatigue

·        Aching body

·        Brain fog

·        Belly Fat

·        Irritability

·        Salt Cravings

·        Heavy legs when climbing the stairs

·        Low tolerance levels

·        Dizziness

·        Sinus, allergies and congestion issues

·        Low libido

·        Shortness of breathe

·        Feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

·        Muscle weakness

·        Thyroid issues

·        Overthinking things

·        Low blood sugar

·        Frequent urination

·        Lower back pain

We have to admit it, life is tough and with the onslaught of technology, an economic crisis and competition in the workplace, it’s no wonder that many of us are completely stressed out and exhausted.

From the moment we get up its an emotional rollercoaster of fighting the traffic, getting work done, seeing that the kids are at school on time, fitting in a full time job and then still coming home and making sure that the household runs smoothly.

And then to top it all we have to put in a good night’s rest!

With chronic stress being a contributor, we tend to reach for the stimulants that will relax us or give us the energy that keep us going for the day. Coffee is an option most use during the day and then at night some may grab a glass of wine to unwind. Can you imagine what that does to the sugar levels and blood pressure!! 

A lack of a proper diet and poor exercise habits due to a lack of time may lead to digestive problems and inflammation in the body.  It’s just a vicious cycle of trying to maintain one’s place on the hamster wheel!

Then to top it all, the liver goes into overload trying to eliminate all those toxins that are lurking in the body making it even worse for one to cope with daily life. 

The adrenal glands produce cortisol when we are under stress, preparing the body for a fight or flight situation. This stands us in good stead when we are in a state of emergency and need to protect ourselves or make on the spot decisions. But if the stress response stays activated constantly, then damage to one’s health occurs.

How to fix the situation!

1.      Watch your diet 

Eat regular meals and eliminate all sugar, caffeine and alcohol from your diet as they disrupt adrenal functioning. Opt for healthy fats like coconut and olive oil as well as butter. Drink lots of water throughout the day and add some Himalayan salt to the water to keep your electrolyte balance up. Eat a protein with each meal and avoid refined carbohydrates. Supplements like ginseng, vitamin B complex, magnesium and Vitamin C and D3 are also good for supporting the adrenal system. 

2.      Exercise and relax more 

Get enough sleep at night and opt for the lighter exercises like yoga and tai chi. Spend more time outdoors and learning to identify the triggers that cause stress in your life. There is a solution and you can either opt to eliminate the stress in your life or you can change the way you deal with it. Massage and various healing techniques or coaching will help you to change the behaviour patterns that you have set up for yourself. Meditation is also great for helpful to relax but also to learn to breath properly. We don’t always breathe deeply enough when stressed, so as a result don’t get enough oxygen to the body. 

Finding natural ways to restore sleeping patterns and diminish stress will also put less stress on the liver as painkillers and certain medications don’t do justice to the body. 

Recommended supplements:


Cortitrol® is a unique dietary supplement that helps support healthy levels of cortisol by combining natural ingredients that have been scientifically shown to have direct cortisol-balancing effects. Pharmanex s proprietary formula also contains TheaPure", an all-natural theanine extract made from green tea leaves. TheaPure" supports your ability to respond to situations more calmly.

Other ingredients include : 

Magnolia Bark - In alternative medicine, magnolia bark is said to aid in the treatment or prevention of the following health problems, anxiety,asthma, bad breath, constipation, depression, headache, inflammation, menopausal symptoms, stroke. In addition, magnolia bark is said to promote sleep, support weight loss, stimulate the digestive system, protect against cancer, and reduce stress.

Horny Goat Weed - Horny goat weed is used for weak back and knees, joint pain, osteoarthritis, mental and physical fatigue, memory loss, high blood pressure, heart disease, bronchitis, liver disease, HIV/AIDS, polio, a blood disorder called chronic leucopenia, viral infections of the heart, bone loss after menopause, weak bones (osteoporosis), and as a tonic.

Some men use horny goat weed for sexual performance problems including erectile dysfunction (ED) and involuntary ejaculation. It is also used to arouse sexual desire.

Who should use this product – Adults suffering from stress and who want to feel more calm and relaxed and those who generally get less than eight hours of sleep (often associated with elevated cortisol levels).


Cordymax CS 4:

Proprietary strain of the cordyceps sinensis mycelia

Designed for use by people with busy, hectic lifestyles, athletes, the elderly and those desiring increased vitality without the use of stimulants.

The benefits include energy and vitality, improved lung function as well as kidney and liver function. The immune systems is boosted and the liver’s glucose handling ability is improved. Cordymax is also excellent for those who want to boost their libido.

Results become evident after a 3 to 6 weeks of using the product.

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