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Psychic Development course with a difference! An 8 Week online course – book by end of August and receive a free numerology reading valued at R250!
Many people feel that they would love to develop their psychic skills but are not sure if they actually have these abilities or whether they can tap into this amazing gift that is actually held by all. 
What if I told you it was all about where you focus your intention, and where you place your attention and your awareness. We all have an inbuilt extra sensory mechanism that helps us to decipher energetic messages from the world around us! I will teach you how to tap into these energies We just have to know how to tap into these energies so that we can use them to their fullest. 
What you will learn in this course:
1. What type of intuitive gifts do you have? We all use our senses differently and I will show you which one is your dominant sense
2. Meditation skills to improve your psychic abilities
3. Working with your intuitive centre or 3rd eye to enhance your psychic skills
4. Using various crystals that will help to build intuition
5. The energy of colour and intuition
6. Accessing your inner healer and connecting with spirit guides. Discovering your totem animal 
7. Learning to trust your intuition – separating mind from spiritual guidance
8. How to protect and clear your energy field on a daily basis so that you can be an open channel for spiritual guidance
9. An introduction into the chakras and energy centres
10. How to use the oracle cards and do readings for other people. Each week we will use a different deck and I will teach you how combine intuition with the meanings of the cards so that you can receive guidance for yourself and others. 
Dates: Every Tuesday from 11am to 12pm from 4 October 2021 for 8 weeks on Facebook. I will set up a page for this course. If you cannot make Tuesday at 11am then you can watch it at any time as it will stay on the page. Various notes and information will be supplied during the course. 
Cost : R600 for 8 weeks of learning with weekly talks and notes
Contact Yvonne on 083 258 4497 or yvonne@spiritualworld.co.za


Dates: From 4 October

Cost : R600 for your journey

Contact: Yvonne on 083 258 4497 or Email yvonne@spiritualworld.co.za

Banking details: 

First National Bank

Branch - Cresta

Branch Code 254905,

Account Number:  51440044603 

Account Name:  Yvonne de Bruin, account type Cheque. 

Note:  Please use your name as reference.

- A Brief Biography of Yvonne De Bruin

Yvonne has studied Psychology to honours level. She is a qualified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner & has a Masters in both Erickson Hypnosis, NLP and Health. She has completed courses in trauma and bereavement counselling as well as a number of personal empowerment and divinatory workshops. Yvonne has studied and practiced Reiki, Belvaspata Healing, Access Bars and Transformational Healing Massage. She has combined her years of experience with the knowledge that she has built up through study and research and now offers spiritual counselling and coaching by email or on a one on one basis to those who need personal guidance. She is also the founder of the website www.spiritualworld.co.za which has successfully been running for the past 20 years and has provided information to those who want to learn about complementary health and healing