Weekly Astrology : 11 November to 18  November 2019

Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 19)
Increased sense of discipline is required if you want to improve your health and wellbeing. You may need to sacrifice some of your spare-time for family activities.  Address the balance in a close relationship if you feel you are short-changed because you give more than you receive.
Lucky numbers: 21, 18, 23, 33, 42, 27, 31

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)
The manner in which you receive disappointing news will have an impact on the outcome of a domestic situation or property matter. Opening up to a close friend will help you to see matters in perspective.  Do not take it to heart if pressures cause conflict at work.  
Lucky numbers: 35, 7, 22, 40, 49, 47, 10

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)
Embarking on a new course of study or hobby will alleviate boredom and stimulate your mind.  Concerns over money may develop if you are saddled with a number of outstanding accounts at once.  A need for romance and love may give rise to a busy social life if you are single. 
Lucky numbers: 23, 44, 2, 7, 11, 41, 40

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)
Friends may not be able to give you as much time as you want this week.  However, the demands of work and home may keep you from socialising.  Persistence enables you to accomplish a lot more than expected.  With limitations lifting shortly, you’re about to experience greater freedom. 
Lucky numbers: 15, 8, 12, 37, 43, 31, 19

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)
Tidying up outstanding business matters and communications will help you to start new projects with a clean slate.  Make sure you have copies of important documentation, as these may come in handy later.  Overexertion is likely to bring on exhaustion and a depletion of your energy levels before you know it.
Lucky numbers: 18, 37, 49, 36, 17, 30, 10

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)
Friends may not take too kindly to constructive criticism, although they know that your heart is in the right place. Finish outstanding tasks before rushing ahead with new projects. Prior relationship difficulties should resolve themselves over the next few weeks. The answers to a longstanding problem will become available to you. 
Lucky numbers: 29, 13, 31, 5, 45, 2, 18

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)
You may feel emotional, but don’t take your bad mood out on those close to you.  If someone tries to counter your efforts or oppose you in important work, you would do well to push ahead regardless.  By maintaining your integrity at all times you can be a winner. 
Lucky numbers: 32, 14, 17, 42, 22, 34, 25

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
Your intended in a romance may not share your ardour.  Patient wooing and a subtle approach might win his or her love.  Keep your eyes and ears open so as not to fall victim to a clever financial scam.  Social activities may have to be delayed because of domestic commitments.
Lucky numbers: 26, 2, 7, 46, 38, 9, 11

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Taking on the responsibilities of others or their burdens may leave you feeling that you carry the world on your shoulders. Allow yourself time for reflection. Outline fresh goals and dreams if you feel dissatisfied or that you have strayed from your intended path. Don’t waste precious time pursuing one sided relationships. 
Lucky numbers: 21, 34, 15, 18, 3, 45, 19

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
There may be conflict with a strong-willed person. Stay out of the firing line if you want to avoid this battle. A relationship that is built on friendship can endure the test of time. As your confidence in your abilities grows, you may decide to take bolder decisions at work.  
Lucky numbers: 8, 42, 4, 15, 11, 30, 10

Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 18)
With extra work comes improved finances. You should be able to deal with outstanding bills and still have cash for a special trip. By taking a journey down memory lane you do well to acknowledge past achievements and look at the areas of your life that need adjustment.
Lucky numbers: 24, 20, 31, 33, 16, 15, 3

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 19)
It may be prudent to become more self-reliant if you find that others let you down one time too often.  Energy levels are set to improve and you can take on a lot more with less effort.  Make time for your partner, even when pressures and duties are on the rise.
Lucky numbers: 45, 8, 4, 29, 33, 11, 7


























































































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