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A Biography of Yvonne De Bruin

Yvonne has always had a keen interest in the intricacies of the human psyche, behaviour and the more mystical aspects of life. She began her journey by studying Psychology and completed an honours degree in Psychology in the late 1990’s. After her studies she did a few short courses in trauma and bereavement counseling and worked with those who were dealing with Cancer and people who experienced trauma as a result of major life changing experiences.  Her interest extended into the relationship between the mind and the body and how the one affects the other, as well as the field of energy medicine and she went on to study modalities such as Reiki and Quantum Touch healing. She has also completed a course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

Aside from astrology and numerology, one of Yvonne’s greater passions is the tarot and the power that this divinatory tool has to offer. She uses the tarot cards to coach and advise people on various aspects of their life including relationships, love, work, money, health, and life purpose. 

She has combined her years of experience with the knowledge that she has built up through study and research and offers spiritual coaching, psychic readings and guidance by email or on a one on one basis to those who need to clarify their personal goals, find direction or are at a crossroads in their lives. 

Yvonne runs courses and does talks on the tarot, meditation, stress release, improving relationships, reclaiming your personal power and more. 

Currently Yvonne De Bruin is very much involved in supplying weekly and month astrology forecasts, and articles on health and wellbeing to various media, including Heat Magazine, Move, Daily Sun, and the Citizen Newspaper. 

Yvonne De Bruin is the founder of the website www.spiritualworld.co.za which has actively been running for the past 15 years and has provided information to those who want to learn about more complementary health and healing.