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How to judge a house by it's number 

Think back to all of the homes you've lived in. Each had a personality of it's own. Some were quieter and cozier and you lived there during a time of contemplation, study or even deep loneliness. Others were brighter, open and inviting and it seemed like all of the kid's friends, relatives and neighbours thought so too. You may have been inspired to decorate that one very differently and when you lived there your life was active, sociable and filled with many comings and goings. The number of our dwellings have verifiable significance, especially noticeable after living in them for awhile. Apartments and hotel rooms also exert a noticeable influence if you're able to stay long enough to perceive it. I have a friend who recently went to a conference in another city and was going to speak about a subject she knew very well; how to hold your family together after the loss of a baby to SIDS. Upon arriving at the hotel she and her daughter found that the room they were given was "911" and they certainly got to experience the profound meaning of that number as grieving conference participants visited them all throughout the night. 

The number of the dwelling is found by adding the numbers of your house number in sequence until you have a single or double digit. You then add the two digits together to get a single number. An example would be the house number 306. You would add 3+0+6=9 so *9* would be the number of that dwelling. Another example would be 16678. 1+6+6+7+8= 28 2+8=10 1+0=1. So that dwelling's number would be *1*. Whenever you have an 11, 22 or 33 as the house or apartment number or as the double digit, do not reduce it again. It is a unique number all it's own. The individual digits have meaning as well and they are actually like the different "ingredients" that make up the single cookie. For now we will look at the "cookie" though as it determines the overall energy of the dwelling. Many times we will find ourselves attracted to dwellings that match our own vibration in an important way. These are the homes and apartments we remember as harmonious and filled with great memories. These dwellings feel most like "home" to us. 

An "inharmonious" dwelling or one that vibrates to an incompatible number for us, will feel lonely, foreign or noisy. We will not want to be there or will find ourselves irritable, depressed and restless while there. Very often our dwellings and temporary housing provide a valuable impetus for us to develop an area of our lives which has been lacking. For example, I was living in an *8* townhouse when my business was started. Before moving there, I neither had the idea nor the desire to write NumberQuest. I just studied numerology a whole lot for a long time and did peoples charts. I chose the *8* dwelling intentionally, (much to the chagrin of the realtor) so I could attract the opportunities to learn how to handle money and responsibility and that's exactly what unfolded 

On the following page are some general descriptions of what may be found under the influence of the numbers of your dwelling. Look at the descriptions of each individual number in your house or apartment number as well to get an idea of the additional "flavours" making up the single vibration

#1 A 1 dwelling brings brand new experiences; new ideas, new relationships, new business ideas, new freedom from old conditions. Life here is bright, open and active. The inhabitants will feel a desire to reach for a new or stronger independence and self sufficiency. Physical fitness or sports, and any other type of self improvement may be taken on and nothing is safe from the illuminating scrutiny of the #1 desire for perfection. There will not tend to be a lot of visitors since the inhabitants are probably off somewhere working too much or taking a class. Ambition, assertiveness, inspiration, birth, self-perfection, independence and an active approach in the world will colour life here. Good for athletes, students, entrepreneurs, travellers, and single or independent men or women. 

#2 A 2 dwelling is quaint or cozy no matter how large it may be. There's a certain charm and the inhabitants will want to tinker around and make small improvements here and there. There's most likely a garden of some sort or at least flowers in the window. This home will be well used, and used up. The inhabitants here are helpful and support others in some way that balances the emotions. There is a predominance of concern for relationships in this house and issues around this will be dealt with quite often. It is the perfect "family home", the one that the kids can go back to visit the parents who still live there. Nostalgia, collections, small animals, flowers, counselling, gardening, and relationship nurturing work well here. Good for teachers, counsellors, social workers, gardeners, grandparents, mothers, and "tinkerers" including garage "whirligig" manufacturers.  

#3 A 3 dwelling is a happy dwelling. Not that unhappiness never occurs, but rather, the inhabitants are basically full of good cheer and accommodating to the many family members and visitors who happen by. Positive attitude proliferates in this house and the creative urge is palpable. Artists, poets, writers, actors and dreamers flock to 3 and little children are quite happy here too. A 3 house is decorated to reflect the creativity of the inhabitants and this can range from wildly eclectic to *House and Garden* chic. The important thing is the "look" of it. There will be a desire to make this house stand out as unique or glamorous amidst the others on the block. Good for entertainers, authors (or letter writers), sociable people, artists, politicians, and anyone involved in communications of any type, including long hours on the telephone. 
#4 A 4 dwelling brings order, routine, schedules, practical work, earthly comforts, stability, loyalty, predictability and sound structure. Building a family, business or relationship works well here as there is a groundedness that induces patience and tolerance. Earth-centered creativity such as gardening, or architecture/building are likely to be very successful here and the house itself will be well built and durable. Times here are remembered for the steady progress that was made and the lasting relationships that were tempered. Good for accountants, builders, students, architects, practical people, gardeners, crafts-people, chefs, bank managers. Supports step by step progress and goal oriented people.  

#5 A 5 dwelling brings action, change, lots of people in and out, many ideas, culture, romance, children and child-like play, sensual exploration, variety, sports, and lots of travel. A 5 house does not denote marriage per se, but more romance, exploration and growth as opposed to commitment and steadfastness as the 4 house would encourage. The inhabitants of the 5 house will either be off exploring or home reading about explorations into new realms. Books are probably propping up the furniture and falling off the bookshelves. If the inhabitants have 5's very strong in their vibration, this would be a perfect house for them as it would support and supply the constant stream of new experience a 5 seeks. Good for writers, teachers, travellers, travel agents, big families with a lot of kids, sociable people, athletes and those with an insatiable curiosity. 
#6 Family pictures from wall to wall. A 6 dwelling is a family "nest". People feel safe and warm and understood in a 6 house and anyone is considered family here. Most likely a beautiful home in decor, the female members of the household will rule the roost and nobody will mind. Pets, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are drawn to this house and delicious smells create happy memories for all. There's an air of sophistication here as well as of following the "status quo". Tradition, ritual, gentlemen and gentlewomen, rescuing, healing and nurturing resonate to 6. Good for nurses, social workers, childcare workers, grandparents, retirees, and close-knit family life. 

#7 A 7 dwelling is quiet, calm and contemplative. Serious research and study can go on here and the miraculous can seem to be floating in the corner of the room. These homes are often surrounded by an air of mystery or historical significance and there's just "something" about them you can't forget. Deep thinkers, scientists, researchers, ministers, teachers, psychologists and philosophers seem to gravitate here and anyone who stays long will find themselves lost in thought, musings and ponderings. Spiritual people do very well here and it's also a natural abode for grandparents, although the grandchildren will probably want to play outside most of the time. Dark woods and rich, deep colours assist in the 7 tendency towards "going within." 

#8 "The money house", you might have heard it called. An 8 dwelling usually has a money tree growing in the front yard. Well, not really but it really does attract opportunities for the inhabitants to experience "material responsibility." There is a tendency to think, eat, sleep and shower business. The dwelling itself will seem larger than it is and the look will be one of affluence, regardless of the actual worth. All of that old furniture somehow looks better here. There will be something, either in the landscaping, the window treatments or the architecture that says "palace." Everything gets amplified here so careful and intentional "pruning" is necessary and controlled growth is part of what 8 is about. Money making ideas will seem to come in with the morning paper. Warmth and family closeness are generally replaced with the promise of security and opportunity. This is a great house to be a home-maker in - a la Martha Stewart. Good for stock brokers, home businesses, entrepreneurs, doctors, managers, athletes, politicians, and celebrities. The downside? Whenever something goes wrong - it goes wrong in a BIG way... 

#9 A 9 house is an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand it's usually quiet, cool, and comfortable to all. A place for rest and rejuvenation. There is a tendency towards self-awareness and search while this brews a deep desire to share what you have with others. Artistic talent may be discovered and this would be a great place to explore creative inspiration, quiet, alone and uninterrupted. There is a sense of timelessness here and the clocks may each be set to a different time. On the flip side, there will probably be quite a few people in and out as the healing energy is strong and attractive to those looking for it. Actual healing practices or classes may go on here or metaphysical/spiritual gatherings may take place. The decor may look more like "displays" than decorations and there will be something special for everyone who enters. Good for spiritual teachers, artists, philosophers, nurses, doctors, healers, care-givers, humanitarians, world-travellers and clergy. 

#11 What's that "buzzing" I hear? Could be the electricity of the 11 coursing throughout this dwelling. 11 dwellings literally buzzzzz with activity and well they should when there's that much inspiration and creativity going on. People are constantly in and out and welcome to stay. Behind the "apparent" activity being conducted is a secret support network. The inhabitants of the 11 dwelling are usually guiding, encouraging, teaching, helping, healing and inspiring all under the guise of ordinary neighbourly behaviour. These houses are eclectic in some way, somehow patched together and a "work in progress" forever. Remember to read the 1 and 2 for other possible influences. Good for artists, writers, teachers, guides, counsellors, and entertainers. 
#22 A 22 dwelling is usually experienced as a 4 vibration with a "kick". There is a tremendous desire to build a secure life for one's self, but this can also reach out to the global family as well and inspire the inhabitants to create a means of "sustained" assistance to others. Volunteer work may be undertaken and wonderful inventions like "community gardens" and co-op's take place under the influence of 22. Remember to read the 2 and 4 for other possible influences. Good for philanthropists, teachers, builders etc... 

#33 A 33 dwelling is a sunny, warm and nurturing abode, at least in feeling. There is an air of the mystical and "otherworldly" and plant and animal life thrive. Someone very special lives here, though they'd be the last to know it. Everyone is a welcome guest and many a guest stops by. Comedy, collectibles and art fill every nook and cranny and there is a high-octane energy that keeps the bubble machine pumping. Remember to read 3 and 6 for other possible influences. Good for communicators, teachers, artists, writers, and childcare workers.