Tarot message for the week of 27 November to 4 December 2017 

Just when you thought that things were hopeless and you had run out of trying to find solutions to a difficult problem, the answers find their way into your life. For now let go of your problems and trust that the solutions will be presented to you. You’ve been running all the options through your mind a dozen times to the point where you have become totally confused by the thoughts that are taking up most of your time and energy. 

A total belief in yourself and your abilities will stand you in good stead during the tough times.  Look at your limiting beliefs and self speak when you start to doubt that things will eventually work out. Listen, for a moment, to that little negative inner voice. Whose voice is it really? A parent's, old school bullies? A collection of lots of different voices from different times and people? One thing's for sure; that little inner self-critical voice wasn't yours originally. It may masquerade as belonging to you now, but it doesn't really.  Tell yourself: "This is not my true voice!" Then start to challenge it and also to ignore it.

Self-belief doesn't mean arrogance or blindness to one's own shortcomings. Then again, it doesn't mean believing that you are perfect as you are, either. Your self-belief really needs to be focused on what you will become. And an important part of self-belief comes from knowing your weaknesses and being relaxed about them.

Self-belief gives you the freedom to make mistakes and cope with setbacks by seeing them for what they are: temporary setbacks, not the end of the world. And something else you'll notice: As your self-belief grows, people around you start to believe in you more, too. Because it really isn't the feather – it's you.

Make a list of all the strengths that you have and how you can use them as resources to cope with the difficulties that you are facing now. Examples of these could be tenacity, courage, perseverance and patience to name but a few.  Even the quality of stubbornness can be used in a positive way so that you don’t give up on your goals and dreams. 

Family members may test your patience and some may need financial support whilst others need your emotional backing. 

Double check all agreements and documentation when making high cost purchases as someone may try to pull the wool over your eyes. 

Those who have moved to another country when they were younger may decide to explore their roots and seek out long lost family members. An overseas trip may also be on the cards. 

Don’t take chances with your eyes. If you have trouble with eyesight, make an appointment with your optometrist so that you can resolve the issue. 

The supporting card for this reading is:
The Strength card is associated with vulnerability, danger and the need to reconcile divergent qualities.  It represents inner power and courage resulting from positive faith and hope.  If you are in a conflicting situation you are asked to be open and confident rather than dominating.   This situation does not only require physical strength but  the inner strength  and patience.   You are urged not to give up but to rely on your inner resources of love and compassion.     If  health has been an issue this card indicates rapid recovery and  if you are  considering giving up an unhealthy habit such as smoking or drinking this card indicates a good time to start.  All in all this card that signifies strength of purpose and of will  can get you through and help you to triumph over adversity.  

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