Tarot Message for the week of 6 July to 13 July 2020
The past is over – let it go and move on. The past has had its ups and downs, its high peaks and low periods and offered lot of lessons and brought you to the place you are now, but there is a bright new future ahead and you cannot solve the problems of the present with the solutions that you used in the past. 
Many of us are probably going over the good old days and how things were but we are moving into a whole new era and those experiences will only serve in the sense of what they taught us. Its time for you to pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved so far and hold onto the abilities and talents that you’ve acquired and then use them as a stepping stone and guideline for building new experiences and developing different skills to deal with a different world. 
Its like trading in an old pair of walking or running shoes for a new modern pair which have better grip and a lot more support for our feet. Although we love the feel of the new technology, we still enjoy the comfort that the old shoes offered. Once you have taken the step though you will never look back!!
Look up to the vastness of the sky and the immensity of the stars and know that this is where you are headed. There is so much more potential if you look past what you had and take the view of the bigger picture. But holding onto  what was you will just imprison yourself in a system that no longer works. 
Many of us have had to take a hard look at our lives and change our perspective of what is really important to us. What we used to value highly no longer holds true and we are on the brink of a new world with new possibilities. 
If you feel a bit out of your depth at the moment, take a break and take a deep breath and some time out for yourself. Go back to your spirituality and look upon the angels and guides to give you the strength you need right now. You are adjusting and need some time to settle into your new way of being. Keep your focus on what is important to you and that which gives you fulfilment and joy. If that joy comes from sitting outside and watching the birds, then go and do that. No matter how simple it is give yourself time to enjoy that peace within. 
The supporting card for this reading is :
The Star
The Star is a welcome card bringing insight into the future, optimism and hope, renewal of faith and unexpected gifts!  It can be particularly welcome if you have suffered through a period of grief or sadness.  The card indicates that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that with faith all will be well in the end.  A tranquil period is highlighted and a widening of horizons is indicted for you.  A dream is about to be realized and a particular area of your life will soon bring fulfilment and happiness.   This card can also represent your creativity and artistic abilities  and suggests that you can use your talents in new ways that will bring immense satisfaction.   This card is a very positive omen if you are embarking on a new relationship as it shows that happy experiences are on the way.  What ever you do, it is a good time to proceed with confidence and avoid feelings of self doubt and negativity.   


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