Tarot reading for the week of 24 July to 31 July 2017

The seer Almine’s mantra for 25 July is about living the freedom of releasing all personal identities – Angel Ersklavut

In her article about the new moon in Leo which occurred on Sunday, 23 July, Amanda Painter asks, “How conscious are you of the ways that you express yourself? That is to say, not only the words you use and the actions you take, but also how much energy is beaming through you at any given time, even when you're not doing or saying anything? I'm referring to a variety of interrelated types of energy: emotional, mental, physical, and sexual, as well “subtler” forms (such as what you might tune into during meditation, reiki or tai chi, for example).”

So the question this week is, how do you identify yourself with the world around you and what yardsticks from your life have you used to create your own personal identity. Are these identities holding you back from your spiritual truth, by preserving certain walls around you which prevent you from shining your light in the world? 

If you notice the difference between identifying yourself with someone who is always having to face various kinds of struggle, or with someone who able to make a success of all that you do, you can even feel a shift in the energies from the one identity to the next. 

Notice what you believe about yourself that holds you imprisoned by one identity. You are not just a child, parent, brother, sister, etc, you are greater than that. You are part of that great universe that encompasses the sun, moon, stars and more. Each and every cell in your body contains a reflection of the galaxy that we live in which is ever expanding. 

And the star card explains it all. There are a myriad of opportunities available to you for the picking at any one point in time, and you can choose which one to grab and run with. All those identities which you have made so real are just another outfit which you have chosen to wear; you can easily replace it with another. All you need is a willingness to do it! Look up to the sky and notice its vastness and how many stars there are in the sky at night when you forget your greatness!!  You are limitless!

The Star
The Star is a welcome card bringing insight into the future, optimism and hope, renewal of faith and unexpected gifts!  It can be particularly welcome if you have suffered through a period of grief or sadness.  The card indicates that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that with faith all will be well in the end.  A tranquil period is highlighted and a widening of horizons is indicted for you.  A dream is about to be realized and a particular area of your life will soon bring fulfillment and happiness.   This card can also represent your creativity and artistic abilities  and suggests that you can use your talents in new ways that will bring immense satisfaction.   This card is a very positive omen if you are embarking on a new relationship as it shows that happy experiences are on the way.  What ever you do, it is a good time to proceed with confidence and avoid feelings of self doubt and negativity.   

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