Tarot message for the week of 3 December to 17 December 2018

This week’s message asks us to look at how much wastage there is in our lives. This not only refers to wastage of paper, food and other consumables but also the energy and emotions that we waste on people and situations that are of no value to our higher good. How often do we make worrying about certain issues a priority when we could be using our time on something more worthwhile like helping others in need?The food that you eat could be wasteful as well.

A take away or processed product only costs money and offers no value to your body. Fresh fruit and veges and natural products are utilised much more efficiently by the body and probably cost a whole lot less. Notice how good you feel when you eat something fresh and natural as to how your body responds to processed meals. 

The shops are filled with gifts during the festive season and everyone is out there buying presents that have absolutely no value to their recipient.

 Consider your options carefully when buying gifts for loved ones. Paper wastage is another thing that can be reduced. Send your old magazines, newspapers and printed materials for recycling so that we make good use of them again.Think before you buy and take the process a step back to the manufacturing of the product before you buy. What went into that product and how many raw materials we used up in the making of it?  How many chemicals does it contain and are they healthy for our bodies? How much wastage do we have when we are done with that product?

 On a general note there is a lot happening for most as the year begins to come to a close. You may have gone for professional advice on something that is close to your heart or important and decided that even if there is regret, its best for you to let it go and move on.  You may even have been weighing up your options and been sitting on the fence for a while, but now is the time to strike and do what is best for your future.

 There is a lot of support from loved ones at the moment and although you feel that you are alone in the world, you’ll notice that there are people around you to hold you up and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground when the rough winds strike. An opportunity for something new arises for those who want to change of scenery at work. Ensure that you check all the facts first before you embark on something new as a lack of attention to detail may result in loss at a later stage. 

Just when you thought you had your finances sorted, some unexpected costs may throw a curve ball. This will be resolved again by the new year when you can catch up on your cash flow. 

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to car repairs as you may end up having to deal with an unexpected break down. 

The supporting card for this reading is: The Magician

The magician is assigned the number one which resonates with determination, action and individuality.  The symbol of infinity lies above the magician’s head which indicates the eternal energies of the universe.  He points one arm upwards to the heavens for inspiration and points his other arm towards the earth as a means for grounding potent energy.  He has no qualms about putting his belief in himself on the line and will act upon it.  He can turn any situation around to his best effect.   When you draw this card, you are reminded that you have all the resources that you need if you want to start a new venture.   If you can focus on your best qualities and believe in yourself, you are able to achieve what you want.   There may also be new opportunities available to you where you can show off your talents and demonstrate your originality and inventiveness. It is time to put false modesty aside and strike out into a new and bold direction.  You are advised to capitalize on your intuition, imagination and creative skills.  This card may also signify an important man who will enter your life, perhaps as an adviser, friend, lover or business associate. He will be extremely aware of the power he yields.  

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