Tarot reading for the week of 14 September to 21 September 2020

Despite the feeling of being a bit stuck, you may find that matters are not as bad as they seem if you look a bit closer. 
Challenges are there to stay and its how we navigate them that makes the difference. Some days are better than others, and when you’re hit with a particularly difficult one, then go back to what’s important to you and what you can do with what you have been presented with. We all know that the sun will come up again tomorrow and that you will probably have a better day than perhaps today. 
Be very cautious of making hasty decisions in the midst of conflict. Give yourself a few days to find your balance before you decide to walk away from a situation that may have caused immense upheaval. Sometimes these blow ups are necessary to clear the air and start afresh or see things from a new vantage point. 
For some, good news will bring sudden positive changes and before you know it, your life has done a complete turnaround for the better. 
The supporting card for this reading is:
The Tower
The Tower represents those dramatic or often terrifying experiences  in our lives  that forces us to wake up  and face reality  and respond to a situation.  This card is the embodiment of upheaval, chaos and sudden realization.   You are encouraged to understand that this disruption can have a positive outcome as it may have been necessary to push your life to the next stage and force you into a new direction which you never dreamed was possible. You will also find that you are pleased with the way that you have coped with your situation, once the dust has settled.   This card can also mean that you may discover the truth about someone.  You may uncover another side to their personality which is rather unpleasant, resulting in a breaking of your ties with them.  Even though this news can be quite upsetting at the time, you will eventually realize that you have had a lucky escape from an unhealthy relationship.   

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