Tarot reading for the week of 12 to 19 March 2018

You’ve been procrastinating on certain decisions and now it’s time to make your move. Once you’ve taken your step, the universe will support you by removing obstacles in your way or making sure that you have all the tools available to you to make things happen. This could pertain to studies, changing your lifestyle or just making adjustments to the way that you deal with life. 

The loss of someone special in your life brings up thoughts about the meaning of life and the importance of living each day joyfully and to the fullest. It may even be the trigger for a change in mind set about how to deal with life and its challenges. 

A belief or opinion that you hold is the culmination of all your experiences throughout your life, and leads to your attitudes towards people and situations. It is definitely not hard wired in your brain and just as you created it, you can uncreate it and replace it with a belief that serves you better, especially if it’s a limiting belief. 

Beliefs can create such subtle limiting thoughts patterns that without awareness cause us to sabotage or self destruct in situations that were seemingly going pretty well. It feels as though we have a switch that goes on when we get to a certain point on a particular journey and then the wheels fall off. This may pertain to relationships, work scenarios, finances, lifestyle, and even areas where we have a tendency to procrastinate on certain matters. 

Fear, which is born from a belief can have a great debilitating effect on goals and dreams and manifesting that which is our highest potential. It holds us back from going for an interview for a new job because we are scared of leaving a comfort zone, it holds us back from leaving an unhealthy relationship because we are afraid of being alone, it prevents us from getting fit and healthy because then we may have to place more expectations on ourselves – it’s much easier to be a couch potato, and it prevents us from embarking on new relationships because we are afraid of being hurt.  There are many more scenarios because each of us is so unique and have our own lessons to learn, but I am sure this will give the jist of what it’s all about.

Look out for scenarios this week where you are being undermined by others. This will also offer the key to where you need to look for the beautiful gem of personal power that you hold within. 

Towards the end of the week, certain situations will finally be resolved or you will be pleased with the outcome of your current efforts.  Your hard work is paying off and you can have a well deserved rest! And don’t be so hard on yourself either! 

The supporting card for this reading is:
The Empress
The Empress card is number three in the tarot deck and represents passion, creativity and sensual involvement with the world.  This card signifies being at one with nature and is the source of all living things.  The Empress can also  symbolize birth, motherhood, new life and personal fulfilment.  She urges us never to lose sight of our roots even though  we can easily be swayed by superficial and material rewards.    When this card appears, domestic harmony and protection are present.  This card can also mean that there is the birth of a new venture or project which will fare well.     You are however guided to watch your finances carefully.    The empress can also be a woman who comes across as a mother figure and is there to protect and guide you.    It can appear when you are soon to become a parent or when a close friend or relative is about to have a child.  It’s also a favourable card if you have started a new love affair or are thinking of getting married because it suggests that the relationship will be happy, satisfying and long-lasting.  It is equally good if you are thinking of moving house because it indicates that things will turn out well.  

For your own personal reading for the year ahead which includes a numerology and tarot/psychic consultation by email or telephone, please contact Yvonne at yvonne@spiritualworld.co.za

For your own personal reading for the year ahead which includes a numerology and tarot/psychic consultation by email or telephone, please contact Yvonne at yvonne@spiritualworld.co.za


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