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Tarot Message for the week of 13 May to 20 May 2024
The answers lie within!
This week’s message is a reminder that that answers you seek lie within at this time. And all you have to do is reflect back on a similar situation and how you resolved it previously. There’s something in your life that may cause you to feel somewhat disempowered and you are trying to resolve it by either walking away or ignoring it. You’re guided that this is not the time to avoid it, but at the same time you will not get far by attacking it head-on.
Take some time to reflect on it and what emotions it’s bringing up for you. Whatever the emotion, it’s linked to a belief that you have about yourself and once you get to that point, you’ll be able to see this situation for what it really is. A time of reflection and introspection will take you to the core of the situation and help you to find the key to unlocking the emotions that have been holding you back in the past. The inner work that you do now is going to bring about a significant shift for the future. You have been looking for that something that is going to bring transformation and take you on a journey of finding your purpose and this is the first or even second step in this unfolding for you.
The supporting card for this reading is:
When the Judgement card is drawn it means that a phase is coming to an end which requires coming to terms with the past and preparing for a new future and new beginnings.   This card represents change and the prospect of new things happening, or a change of position in your life.   There is an experience of rejuvenation attached to the situation and there may be a new relationship, career or home.  If an actual legal situation is involved, then the outcome is favourable.  You are urged to put the mistakes of the past behind you and be ready and will to start afresh.  With this atonement for past mistakes, we can move forward and feel cleansed, in a sense reborn.  If you are bearing a grudge or feeling bitter about something in the past, it may be time to forgive.   This card can also mean the end of an era so that you can take stock of where you stand, congratulate yourself for past efforts and look eagerly into the future.  If you are working on a project, your efforts will be well rewarded.
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