Tarot reading for the week of 23 October to 30 October

You’ve been holding onto unhealthy situations for dear life and now the universe has decided to give you a nudge. Or perhaps you’ve been wavering with a decision and suddenly the answer if perfectly clear and you know in which direction you need to move. It may even feel as though you go to bed being one person and wake up the next day as someone else. That is how profound the changes will be.

But now there is a different type of concern on your mind, and that is if you have actually made the right choice!! You will notice however that there are new insights that will come up which have led to a greater level of personal growth. And you know that you couldn’t have balanced on that fence for much longer anyway.

Regret about what may have been is a wasted emotion, and you are just doing yourself a disservice if you wear it proudly like a noose around your neck. It will eventually stifle you and prevent you from growing and learning from your past experiences. There will be an opportunity to make amends for the past in the next few months.
The supporting card for this reading is 
The Devil may generally be feared as the embodiment of evil, but fortunately in this case one need not be concerned by these connotations. Although this card may refer to many situations it most often refers to a relationship which may have become negative or destructive. It could be about being enslaved to something or someone for example an idea, way of life, unsatisfactory job, bad habit or self destructive attitude. It represents a trap, but this is of your own making and you can get out of it if you choose to. It may not be easy, but once you can break the psychological or emotional chains and believe in yourself , you can become more empowered and create a more favourable outcome for yourself. More positively, this card can mean that you are gaining control of your life and have a better awareness of your weaknesses. If a marriage or commitment to a relationship is under consideration then this card is a good omen.
For a personal consultation please contact Yvonne on yvonne@spiritualworld.co.za

For a personal consultation, please contact Yvonne at yvonne@spiritualworld.co.za  Readings and healing can be done via email and long distance, by telephone or on  a one on one basis. I am in the Randburg area.


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