Tarot message for the week of 21 October to 28 October 2019

Living with yourself – Where ever you go there you are!
Your most important relationship is with yourself and this the one area where we tend to be the strictest and hardest. We sabotage ourselves, judge ourselves and constantly berate ourselves for not doing something right or for not being good enough. It’s that critical parent that sits on our shoulders, constantly chattering in our ears and filling our minds with poisonous thoughts.  We have thousands of beliefs that form judgements 24 hours per day. These beliefs may come from past experiences or from those who have had a strong influence over our lives from a very young age. 
And most of the time we don’t even know what these beliefs are, but we do know that we continue to attract the same unhealthy relationships, struggle to succeed in our careers, remain stuck in sabotaging and debilitating thoughts and find ourselves in situations that perpetuate those beliefs and even solidify them in our minds. 
Who among us have zero trouble accessing compassion for others, but when it comes to lending that same compassion to ourselves. ..you fall short?
We have an easier time accepting other people’s mistakes (a.k.a. humanness) than our own; We freely forgive other people’s flaws while beating ourselves up for our own. We readily feel empathy and compassion for the suffering of strangers but have a hard time comforting and being kind to ourselves.
In Buddhism, loving-kindness (maitri) is the first of the Four Immeasurables, or Limitless Ones, which are Buddhist virtues and meditation practices to cultivate each one. 

What is maitri? The Buddhist conception of compassion is profound. On one level there is a strong drive to let go of ‘self’ and put others first. But, before we can truly do that we need profound self-acceptance. Otherwise we might waste our life-energy in self-hatred. Or worse still,  our ‘compassion’ will be eaten up in unconscious agendas. This is why the practice of ‘maitri’ or self-acceptance is central to what Buddhists call bodhicitta or the awakening heart. We have to accept the most unwanted parts of our own self-experience to really be of benefit to others.
Most commonly translated as love or loving-kindness, maitri also means loving-kindness to oneself and is the foundation of the four virtues, which are:
Loving Kindness
Sympathetic Joy
In order to have compassion for others, we must first have compassion for ourselves.~Meagan McCrary
So how do you befriend yourself?
As mentioned earlier, each of the Four Immeasurables have a coinciding meditation practice to help develop each virtue. For maitri toward oneself, repeat the affirmation: “May I be happy, healthy, safe, and live with ease.” You can also make up an affirmation that suites your particular situation. 
Repetition is key, as well as catching yourself when you aren’t being so friendly to yourself. You can recite aloud or silently any of those four slogans as necessary throughout your day.
It’s a really powerful practice for breaking negative patterns, especially habitual negative or self-deprecating thoughts, and really helps if you find yourself in a downward negative spiral.
We could all be a little more compassionate and friendly to ourselves. Next time you notice you aren’t treating yourself with the same acceptance, understanding, and kindness as you would with a friend, stop and practice maitri.

The supporting card for this reading is:
The Lovers
The lovers usually speaks of relationships with others or that there may be temptation to get into a relationship that may cause harm in the long run. 
For the purpose of this message I am going to look more at our relationship with self. 
The more you begin to understand yourself and who you are the more you can start to forgive those aspects of you that you find difficult to accept. In order to totally accept who you are you are required to integrate all parts of yourself, the good and the bad. You are guided to look in the mirror, face your demons and shadow and offer yourself unconditional love and compassion. 
Without being able to care and accept yourself as you truly are - with all your humanity and flaws, it’s hard to develop meaningful relationships with others.
This card is about a union with self, an integration of the masculine (logical and practical side) and the feminine (receiving, emotional, nurturing) and loving yourself enough to give yourself permission to change all those past beliefs and judgements because that’s all they are – an opinion. And then to rewire your brain so that you have healthier emotional patterns and tools to work with.
And when you have that, you will truly see the living energy of God and the Angels Radiating from you!!
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