This week’s tarot message 14 August to 21 August 2017

This week’s message focuses on where you are placing your attention and how you are using your personal power. Are your actions guided by fear or by faith? The Chariot card speaks of direction, focus and movement. We have a certain amount of choice in every action that we take in life, and each choice is guided either by soul/spirit guidance or ego. If you live your life in a space of fear and nervousness then you are definitely making all your choices from an ego based perspective. We sometimes kid ourselves that the world  out there creates all our problems, but the truth is that the source of all our suffering is ego. 

The ego is the limited, separated illusory self which cannot see beyond the end of its own nose (Gill Edwards – Living Magically). The ego is our own internal saboteur, our own worst enemy which confines us to the dark cellars of our mind. The ego does have an essential function, and like a moving camera, shows us what is happening in the world. Without it we would not have any conscious awareness. While we have a physical body, we must have an ego. The problem is that it gets out of hand. The ego was designed as a mere postal service which delivers messages to our conscious mind. Instead we allow it to open our letters, read them and tell us how to reply!  Not only that, but we let it choose which letters to show us.  Our task is to understand our ego so that we can recognise its ranting and raving. It is a slippery customer and will disguise itself in various ways. We must see through its masks for beyond the ego lies our true unlimited self. 

“You don’t take a monkey and make it into a mountain. A monkey is a monkey and will move from tree to tree. A mountain is a mountain and will maintain itself as a mountain. Your ego is the monkey, your Self is the mountain. You can choose to use monkey mind or feel mountain” – Bartholomew

We cannot and should not destroy the ego, but we can learn to recognise it, accept and move beyond it.  We can choose love rather than fear, joy rather than struggle, forgiveness rather than punishment, cooperation rather than competition, honesty rather than deception, responsibility rather than blame, and do so every day of our lives. 

The supporting card for this reading is : The Chariot
The Chariot is number 7 of the tarot which is the number of progress, self expression and independent action.  This card represents the fulfilling of goals, success, determination and letting nothing stand in your way.  All victories are possible through willpower, self-belief determination  and concentration.  You can achieve your goal if you can remain focused  and have a clear vision of what you want.  You are the key to your success. The Chariot has a number of  meanings, but its main message concerns struggle.  This may have already taken place or it may be in the future, but it will test the your character and stamina, and will require great reserves of energy.   If you draw this card you are guided that conflict can end in victory and that your efforts will be rewarded.  You could also receive unexpected good news if you have belief in your abilities.  If you have been considering purchasing a new car, you can now make this a reality.  

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