Tarot message for the week of 17 February to 24 February 2020

An issue from the past has arisen to be revisited and resolved. If you don’t know how to deal with it immediately, give yourself some time to assess and decide how to manage it. In some cases we have to let go of the people who may be involved to eventually get peace of mind. If no one wants to budge then it may be best to walk away and move on. 
Don’t compromise your health this week. If you’re feeling out of sorts, give yourself time to rest. Your body is sending you messages that you have been overwhelmed or overstressed and you need to take some time out. 
Financial issues will be sorted out and if you’ve been battling to receive money or change an account, then this will finally happen for you. So there is reason to celebrate this  week!
A property sale or money related to a property will also be expedited quickly, so if you’ve been struggling to get a bond or a buyer then the cards indicate that matters will move along swiftly. 
I have chosen the high priestess as this weeks supporting card because there is also the message to trust your intuition on important matters. Sometimes our intuition is screaming at us, tell us what to do and we allow other  influences to prevail. And if you really feel you cannot trust yourself, then speak to someone you feel you can trust to get their input. 
The High Priestess
The High Priestess is the protector of the unconscious and is the bridge between the conscious and unconscious states.  She has been assigned the number 2 which symbolises balance.  She can inspire dreams and visions which reveal the continuance of life beyond conscious boundaries.    The High Priestess is regarded as the guardian of secrets and  when she appears in a reading it can mean a secret is to be revealed or there is a secret you wish to be revealed. You are challenged to search deeper into your innerself and tap into the vastness of your potential.  If you need to make a decision, this card guides you to use your heart  and intuition above your head. You may not be in full possession of all the facts and therefore it is better to wait rather than act when trying to achieve your dreams and goals.  The information that you seek will come naturally through the course of time.   This card can also represent someone who will give you wise counsel and advice or that you will be going through a period of inner learning and spiritual awakening.

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