Tarot message for the week of 16 October to 23 October 2017

Every day starts with some expectation, but every day end with some experience. This is life, so enjoy the day, every day. 

What did you do with your choices last week? Did you use them to become greater or to feed the unnecessary patterns and beliefs that you hold dear? 

Each day starts with a new clean slate and each day can be utilised to grow and shine your light or can be used to dim that beautiful spiritual being that you are. 

What started as being in a state of stagnation suddenly turns into a whirlwind of possibilities. It doesn’t rain but it pours this week! 
You’ve a number of opportunities available to you but you’re just not sure which one to take. The thoughts and pros and cons are going around and around in your head and its difficult to actually find clarity. Your mind is filled with endless thoughts about the outcomes of each of your decisions. Sometimes its best just to let matters follow their own currents until you’re back in calmer waters and able to see things more clearly. 
Don’t go and make changes to your home environment if you’re happy there. Its your safe haven and a place where you can escape this wild chaotic world. 

Some may have the opportunity to take a creative hobby and make it into a money making business. There is a market for the gift that you have!! 

A legal issue involving family will be resolved and you can finally celebrate.  

The supporting card for this reading is :
The Fool
The fool is symbolized by a young man standing poised on the edge of a cliff, ready to take that initial step forward, confident that should he fall whilst on his journey, he will be caught by the angels.  He carries with him only the confidence of the spirit and an instinct for life.  His is unencumbered by possessions, ideas and the preoccupations of the world.  He is nothing and at the same time, everything, stepping out into the sun.  The fool symbolizes spontaneity, fun and surprise  He represents our untapped potential.  This card can signify new beginnings and a new direction and a journey into the unknown that will be exciting and fun.. You can certainly expect the unexpected  and you are guided to look for opportunities that could have a dramatic affect on the decisions and choices you make.  A new adventure awaits you and you are asked to trust in yourself and your abilities.  If you are unsure about a direction in your life, the fool urges to trust your instincts rather than the advice of others, to overcome your fears and doubts, and take a chance rather than play it safe despite the uncertainties in life which the card recognises.    But at the same time you are also cautioned to plan your future wisely rather than be reckless.  

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