Tarot message for week of 12 to 19 February 2017

Good news arrives around financial issues and if you’ve struggled with budgets or getting money in then matters will take a turn for the better. You may have found that in some relationships money has been a bone of contention as there has been a shortage of money and a difficulty with paying the bills at this time. 

Its very difficult not to let the stresses of the material world take their grip and cause anxiety and tension, but at this time you are guided to look at other areas of your life and the blessing that come from them. You may turn towards spirituality and inner growth at this time and find that you can get a lot of inner peace through discovering your connection to the spirit world and your angels and guides. 

As we know, nothing lasts forever and a turnaround awaits in the next few weeks. Ask for help from your angels and the spirit world and know that your prayers are being answered.

Those who are involved in property deals with discover that even though it may look like things are going smoothly, there will be a couple of glitches that will slow matters down, but again things will come right and deals will be concluded very soon. 

The time has come to assess those relationships that are not working for you anymore. If you’ve had friendship or family connections that have taken a lot of energy and time and have caused you more pain than pleasure, its time to consider whether you want to continue keeping these relationships going. I always say that you can either change the way that you look at things or you can change the situation and this definitely applies here. 

Perhaps your lessons with these relationships are complete and it’s time for a new period of growth. Look at what they have taught you and prepare to live life from a new vantage point. You know that you can always change your view if you want to!! 

On the other hand, there may be relationships that you want to rebuild because they  have fallen by the wayside. Contact that special friend or loved one if they’ve been on your mind for some time! There may be some personal lessons to revisit or an opportunity for you to see how far you’ve come. 

The supporting card for this reading is :
The man in the Two of Wands is holding a small globe and stands on the roof of a castle, looking out over a vast terrain to the right and an ocean to the left. The globe in his hands represents that the world is his oyster and there is huge potential if he can expand his horizons to encompass broader life experiences. He understands his ambition and knows what must be done. He is wearing an orange tunic, which symbolises an enthusiastic approach to life, and a red hat, symbolising a passion for adventure.

The Two of Wands is also about discovery, particularly as you step outside of your comfort zone and explore new worlds and new experiences. It may take some courage to take the first step but this card gives you the confidence of self-knowledge. You know what your goal is, what your creative process is directing for you, and you are confident in its eventual fulfilment.

The two of wands signifies a strength of will bringing success to ventures and a sense of achievement through honest means and hard work.   Thoughts of opportunities and potential may be going through your mind now.  This may have something to do with the possible purchase of a property or going into a business partnership.   The potential for this is not yet fulfilled, and it is up to you to decide how you want to make this work for yourself.  You may also be feeling restless and have a need for separation or greater independence to achieve your success.     Give yourself some time to reassess if you have feelings of self doubt and  loss of faith in your abilities.   

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