Tarot message for the week of 25 March to 1 April 2019

This week is about taking charge of your life to get what you want. A lot of us feel that destiny is something out of our control and when things happen we actually think that we are a helpless puppet being manipulated by the hands of environmental circumstances which are beyond our control. 

This week it feels as though you have managed to take the reins and found a way to direct your own future despite what is going on around you.  You’ll even discover that you thought patterns have a great influence on the outcome of certain situations. As a result you’ll feel more grounded and that your life is highlighted by balance and harmony. 

Someone you know who holds a position of power comes with an offer that could change your life for the better. Don’t allow doubtful thoughts like, ‘this is too good to be true’ or ‘I don’t deserve it’ creep through. You asked the universe and the angels for this and your prayers were answered!! It what you deserve right now and more!!  

Some of you may have to say goodbye to loved ones and close friends as they start new journeys in their lives. It may bring up feelings of sadness and loss, but the universe doesn’t like a void and soon new people and experiences will fill the empty spaces again. 

The colour green comes up very strongly and I urge you to burn green candles, or wear something green or wear a green crystal. Green represents the fertility and abundance of nature.  In the spring, new growth sprouts are green and this colour signifies new growth in your personal development.  It is also the colour of healing.  

Green relates to the Archangel Raphael who is known as the angel of healing. He’s full of compassion on people who are struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Raphael works to bring people closer to God so they can experience the peace God wants to give them. He is often associated with joy and laughter. Raphael also works to heal animals and the Earth, so people connect him to animal care and environmental efforts.

This week brings with it a positive affirmation that you can use on a daily basis: The world is my oyster and I grab it with enthusiasm and excited anticipation!

The supporting card for this reading is :
The world
The World heralds the arrival of your heart's desire, whatever that may be, a time of achievement, recognition, success and triumph.   A turning point has been reached and you can look back on your experiences with satisfaction.  If you have been wondering whether you need to change jobs or move house, then the world gives you the green light.    This card can also indicate travel, or even emigration, whether this is planned at the time of the reading or not.  If  you are  thinking of going on holiday, this card suggests that you should travel to somewhere they’ve never been before, especially if its exotic or steeped in history culture.    This is the card of a potential fulfilled, of satisfaction and of efforts rewarded. It is the culmination of events, of happy outcomes and indicates material wealth and greater spiritual awareness.  

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