Your A to Z of Complementary Health & Healing

Services offered by Yvonne De Bruin

Tarot Consultations

Tarot/Psychic Consultations offer insight and guidance into areas of your life where you feel you lack direction. The consultation offers you choices into which route to follow in your life and whether its best for you to make changes or stay where you are right now. The reading generally revolves around issues relating to finances, love, relationships, work, health, family, spiritual growth and if necessary connecting to those who have passed on. 

Readings can by done by email, telephonically or as a one on one consultation. The cost of the reading is R700. Telephonic and one on  one consultations take an hour and email readings include follow up questions once your reading has been sent to you. 

 Belvaspata Healing

Belvaspata healing can be experienced on a one on one basis or via long distance. A one on one healing session takes about an hour and costs R500. The long distance healing is performed every Monday night at 8.00pm and may continue for the week if necessary. The cost is R300.

Tired of carrying around the same old baggage, patterns, pain and heartache around with you? Come and enjoy a Belvaspata Healing of the Heart session with me. 

Belvaspata gives you a "transformational experience" with immediate results:   

Belvaspata makes profound changes in peoples' bodies, relationships and lives. In the angelic languages Belvaspata means "Healing of the Heart". It was given to humanity by the leading mystic Almine.  Through thousands of years of existence we humans have been uncovering the mysteries of the physical body, trying to understand it, trying to nurture it and trying to keep it healthy. Emotions, thoughts and feelings originate first in the aura, directly affecting the physical body.  It is important to recognize how disease manifests in the body so that we can learn how to remove it from its very root.

Belvaspata healing is a unique modality that heals using LIGHT and FREQUENCY.  It accesses the physical and all the etheric bodies effortlessly.  You will feel your body shifting as the healing frequencies work their way through every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This healing modality helps to improve any physical or emotional condition. It goes beyond conventional medicine and is able to offer unlimited possibilities. Even for those that may that there is something missing within them-self, Belvaspata is the answer. It will help release and enhance exactly that which is needed in every situation.   

Spiritual/Personal Coaching

Perhaps you feel stuck in a certain area of your life and you don't really know how to move forward or which path to follow. You may also be dealing with challenges and need to make sense of them. Sometimes we allow ourselves to become so overwhelmed with our emotions or become too subjective about certain areas of our lives. The coaching sessions will help you to gain clarity and find new and alternative perspectives . I also work with the human pin code to see what your birthdate says about your strengths and potential. The cost per session is R500 and takes an hour. Coaching is done telephonically or on a one on one basis and I can also assist if you need guidance on a particular relationship. 

I am also available for grief and trauma counselling. 

Healing/Energy Balancing

These sessions take an hour and are carried out on a one on one basis. Depending on what you need to work with, we will do the following work:

* Pendulum healing
* Energy balancing
* Reiki healing
* Past life regression
* Discovering your soul contracts in challenging relationships
* Examining your purpose or what is important to you in life
* Colour therapy
* Various NLP techniques to elicit transformation
* Visualisation exercises

 The cost per session is R450.00


 I offer courses in the following:

* Tarot - introduction and intermediate
* Meditation
* Pendulums
* The chakras and how they affect your life
* Stress management and personal transformation
* Accessing Intuition
* Goal setting
* What is EQ and how can you use it in your every day life. Becoming more observant of your thoughts and patterns and being aware of your responses in your daily interactions
* Exercises to protect your energy field and home
* Munay-Ki initiations

I can do these courses for groups or on a one on one basis. Prices available on request


To find out more, please feel free to contact me by message below or on call  on +27 832584497.