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Understanding Sacred Contracts

Many people ask about sacred contracts and why we would decide to agree on a contract with someone else that brings up so much pain and heartache in this lifetime.

If you can imagine that before you enter into a particular lifetime you choose exactly who is going to be in your immediate circle, who will be your partner, who will be your family and siblings and who you will meet on your journey in that incarnation. Even that person that you have a bumper bashing with  at the age of 25, which gives you a wake-up call and highlights the need to make changes and make new choices, has been assigned to meet up with you at a particular point.

The aim of making the choices before you enter into a physical space comes completely out of a place of love, grace and compassion because in the spirit world, there is absolutely nothing else. All decisions and intentions come from a place of working towards the highest good of all concerned and bringing in the life lessons that you may have chosen to work through in this lifetime.

You may choose a life lesson of discovering what it’s like to deal with rejection or loss of self-love. You grow up in a loving home where there is only respect, mutual caring and harmony. Then comes the first love and this person rejects you or is emotionally unavailable or has an affair. Your dream of the perfect love is shattered and you start to feel abandoned unloved and your sense of self-worth plummets.  The lesson is set up and how you respond to this lesson is going to determine whether you can integrate and heal it or whether you are going to meet up with other souls later in life who are going to support your new belief about relationships and self-worth.

Perhaps there’s a common theme in your life that you can pick up that keeps on being repeated?  Part of the journey in each lifetime is about growing and learning and becoming more of who you are.  When you look at what the lesson brings for you and what it shows you, then you can begin to heal and clear the hooks of stuck emotions that lie within your energy field.  Perhaps you’ve brought this lesson through from another lifetime in order to finally understand it and clear it so that you can move into new lifetimes with a clean slate.

Our journey is so simple and yet so intricate. Once you understand how the universe and the laws of energy work, you can start to work with them and transform them to your own benefit and in line with your purpose.

The birthday you choose for yourself and the name that is given to you are all keys to unlock those doors of a wealth of knowledge that you hold within you.  This information can also be very helpful in finding where those lessons lie and what you have brought into this lifetime.

Those relationships that bring the most pain and heartache are probably the ones that offer the most profound and powerful lessons. Nothing is by chance dear one, it’s all part of your divine plan so that one day you can add this knowledge and wisdom to that huge database you call your soul or spirit.

Gillian Edwards speaks of the life themes that we bring into this lifetime, including love, relationships, ego, matrix, communication, teaching and healing, serving others, and strengths.

When you begin to look at the lessons that each experience brings and the beliefs that have been created, you are on the journey to self-love, self-awareness and persona growth.

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Yvonne De Bruin
Psychic coach and Mentor
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