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Your birth date and your personality

Your birth date holds the key to the most significant number in your life – your life path or destiny number.   This number signifies who you are you at birth, your main characteristics and your potential. 

Your life path or destiny number is calculated by adding the numbers of your birth date together and reducing them to a single digit.  There are 9 numbers in total with the two master numbers, 11 and 22.  The master numbers are not reduced further.  

How to calculate your destiny number:

Write down your birth date in numerical form and add up all the numbers.

For example if your birth date is:

10 / 12 / 1969

1 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 29

2 + 9 = 11

Your destiny number is 11  (Remember that 11 and 22 are not reduced as they are master numbers)

If your birth date is :

25 / 06 / 1972

2 + 5 + 0 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 2  =  32

3 + 2 = 5

Your destiny number is 5

Now read about your destiny number.

Destiny Number 1
Keywords: independence, individualistic, attainment, leadership, pioneering, executive

As a 1, you’re a natural leader with strong convictions.  Decisive, independent and determined, that’s you! With your higher than average intelligence, you’ve talents as an innovator, which will help you in your climb to the top.  For the sake of social correctness, you manage to hide the fact that you’re self-centred and like to get your own way. You don’t relish restriction.  You may have many relationships before settling down.  Disappointment in love occurs if you harbour expectations of a partner that are impossibly high.  By accepting your own limitations and assessing what you really want, you’ve a better chance of meeting a suitable mate.

Best Colour: Incorporate the colour yellow in your life as it represents success.

Destiny Number 2
Keywords: co-operation, closeness, sensitivity, balance, harmony, supportive.

As a 2, your masterly ability to compromise and negotiate makes you excellent at handling people.  Your popularity stems from your good manners, tact, total honesty and genuine concern for others.  Because you don’t try to dominate situations, you find it easy to create harmony wherever you go.  You’re a creature of habit and like your routine.  As a result, you make a committed, faithful partner.  Disappointment arises with your tendency to pick the wrong mate.  Therefore, you’re advised not to settle down until you’re sure.  You need to feel secure in a relationship before you’re truly happy.  Activities involving music and poetry help you unwind.

Best Colour: Incorporate the colour blue into your life for its calming, soothing effect.

Destiny Number 3
Keywords: self-expression, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, sociable

As a 3 your charm, childlike innocence, interest in people and excellent sense of humour make you popular with everyone.  Setbacks don’t dishearten you: you cope well with life’s little ups and downs.  Travel and challenge are important outlets and you would hate to think that life is passing you by.  You’ve great expectations of your partner and seek someone who is attractive and stands out in the crowd.  If you don’t have romance and excitement, you may become bored and look elsewhere.  Despite being a born flirt who attracts many admirers, you may want to settle down eventually with someone who shares your interests. 

Best Colour: Incorporate purple into your life, as it reflects your attractive, sensuous personality. 

Destiny Number 4
Keywords: systems and order, service, sense of limitation, managing, working hard, practical, down-to-earth

You’re hardworking, loyal, dependable, ambitious and take a practical approach to life.  You think matters through very carefully before taking action.   When you make a friend, it’s for life.  Your stability and reliability are attractive qualities.  You take relationships seriously and are unlikely to play the field, making a considerate, caring partner.  If your partner complains of emotional claustrophobia, give him/her more space.  You don’t like to show your emotions and this could be construed as a lack of feeling on your part.  Avoid becoming too rigid in your thinking or narrow-minded.  Remember to make room for expressions of joy and love in your life. 

Best Colour: Incorporate red into your life, as it enhances confidence and your determination to succeed.

Destiny Number 5
Keywords: constructive use of freedom, variety, excitement, progressive, creative

As a 5 you’re characterised by your ability to adapt and change.  You’re an adventurer, a free spirit, ever curious about life.  Your excellent communication skills can be put to good use in your career.  But be careful of becoming a jack of all trades and master of none.  Although multi-talented, you may suffer from a lack of direction.  Because you enjoy a life full of variety and change, you find routine work stultifying. You’ll never be short of admirers and are likely to experience many relationships.  Commitment and responsibility aren’t your favourite words – avoid, if possible.  But once you decide to commit, it’ll be for life. 

Best Colour: Incorporate orange into your life, since it’s your colour of confidence and happiness. 
 Destiny number 6
Keywords: balance, responsibility, harmony, comforting, serving, helping

As a 6 you’re trustworthy, non-judgemental and you’ve a strong sense of responsibility.  Just as well, because you may have to assume burdens and give of yourself in a true spirit of service.  To this end, you’re wise, strong, compassionate and you feel happiest when you’re useful.  You usually play an important role in life. Your impartiality enables you to listen carefully and see potential for compromise. You’re drawn to a partner who projects the correct image, although coming by a suitable spouse may be difficult.  You’d be wise to seek an understanding mate who meets your needs with sensitivity and gives you the emotional support you desire.  

Best Colour: Incorporate green into your life, as it reflects harmony and contentment.

Destiny Number 7
Keywords: analysis, accuracy, studious, thorough, introspection, spiritual understanding 

As a 7, you’re sensitive, compassionate and a perfectionist.  You were spiritually wise from an early age and usually play your hunches correctly.  In a scientific way, you penetrate to the truth of a matter.  When people get to know you, they sense the true warmth, sympathy and understanding that underlies your aloof persona.  You need to be alone with your thoughts quite often.  When you fall in love, you’re head over heels.  No half measures for you!  Your partner may not feel the same way immediately; take it slowly.  Reassurance from you mate is of utmost importance, since you tend to feel insecure easily.  

Best Colour: Incorporate grey into your life for its calming, soothing effect.

Destiny Number 8 
Keywords: material success, accomplishment, forceful, power, recognition 

As an 8 you’re confident, independent, practical and competitive.  You’re not one for dreams and visions.  Money and status are important rewards for your organisational ability, acumen and efficiency.  You’ve a keen sense of your own strengths and weaknesses and know what you want from life.  You’re steady in the pursuit of your goals and don’t let up easily.  Others find you reliable.  You’re afraid of being rejected and therefore don’t let your guard down easily.  Because you’re a late bloomer, you may only take an interest in love at a later stage of your life. Once committed, you make a devoted partner. 

Best Colour: Incorporate red, green and purple into your life, as these colours are associated with confidence and comfort. 

Destiny Number 9 
Keywords: humanitarian, broad-minded, giving without thought of return, artistic 

As a 9 your magnetism, openness and romantic nature attract a wide circle of friends. With your profound understanding of life, you may learn to express your feelings through writing, music or art.  Once you’ve set your course, you follow it with determination and courage. Although your sympathy and care endear you to others, your generosity is often abused by those you help.  A number of suitable admirers keeps your love life hectic. Once you fall in love, it’s with all your heart.  Passion and excitement keep you on your toes, especially if your partner shares your desire to give to others.  Deflect jealousy!

Best Colour: Incorporate brown into your life, as it is a luxuriant colour that reflects confidence and security.

Destiny Number 11
Keywords: illumination, idealistic, nervous tension, spiritual channel and teacher 

Yours is one of the master numbers, which means your vision, knowledge and understanding of life’s mysteries may be beyond the grasp of others.  Your single-minded determination will draw respect and you can be a positive influence.  You may be somewhat unusual and ahead of your time.  Your counselling and guidance skills, and your inventive mind will help you succeed in many fields of expertise.  But you may choose to serve society in some idealistic way, since you’re mainly people oriented.  A cultured partner will be a match for you, but you’ll expect a great deal of your mate – as much as you expect of yourself. 

Best Colours: Incorporate sky blue, grey and silver into your life, as it will bring out your inherent strengths.

Destiny Number 22
Keywords: master builder, latent power, nervous tension, spiritual understanding of material world, high ideals  
Your master number is the highest of all other numbers.  Because of the power and energy contained in a 22, it is often difficult for you to realise your full potential.  With the right education, you can effect positive change in society.  Anyway, you accomplish great things with little effort.  Your talent is for conceiving schemes beyond the reach of others and then manifesting your vision into practical reality.  Not all 22s become famous, but if you work you can be enormously successful.  Your tremendous drive makes it difficult for you to stay with a relationship.  Choose a mate who will help you find balance.  

Best Colours: Incorporate purples and mauves into your life to help you find a balance between the extremes in yourself.